Shine On

I see that you’ve been weary
For a long, long long time
But you’re only just beginning in life
Do you know you don’t have to
Walk this road alone
It goes on forever
But you’ve already
Given up on the fight
Get back in the ring
You’ll make the world sing
And all that was lost will
Shine on

Gone are the childhood days
From a long time ago
Don’t dwell on mistakes of the past
Can’t you see you don’t have to
Roam the world alone
Change, it isn’t easy
But you already
Take it day by day
One step at a time
One day you’ll shine
And when the morning comes you will
Shine on
And when the dusk falls you will
Shine on
And all through the night you will
Shine on

You’ve become disillusioned with life
So have I
We already know
When the truth is so hard to come by
Can’t you see we need to
Save humanity
If we did more than talk in despair
Maybe we would
Already be there
Well on the road
Utopia’s Road
Until that day comes we will
Shine on
Moving onward we will
Shine on
And into the sky we will
Shine on


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© Kristian Veech 2015