Kristian Veech

Singer-songwriter / Producer / Performer

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Genres: Country, Pop, Folk, Rock

Influences: Taylor Swift, Luke Combs, Ed Sheeran, Shania Twain, Kacey Musgraves, Lana Del Rey

Label: Unsigned

Years Active: 2015 – present

Booking: kristianveechmusic@gmail.com

Taking a daringly honest and vulnerable approach to songwriting, Kristian is no stranger to making bold statements with his music. Drawing influence from many genres, his sound is country, pop and nearly everything that falls in between. As a multifaceted musician, he’s no stranger to wearing many hats: working in his studio self producing records, then taking to the stage to share his story through his songwriting.

Kristian performs both full band and solo. The Later of which he takes the stage with only his acoustic guitar, microphones, and loop station; layering sounds to create seamless song arrangements on the spot without the help of backing tracks or a band.

Kristian has cowritten with and produced for artists such as Amanda McCarty, Lauren Rose Thayer, Brent Snyder and Savannah Smith to name a few.



You can check out Kristian’s production portfolio for samples of music he’s produced for other artists.


 Sonically, his production style is crisp & reflective of his time spent at Berklee, though his songwriting is more reminiscent of Binghamton. It is a unique, regional style of writing that feels as much empowered by the likes of Ed Sheeran as The Eagles. Lyrically, it is his plain style of storytelling that draws focus- especially on his new song “Running.”

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