Kristian Veech is a Boston based singer-songwriter and producer, originally from Binghamton NY.

Kristian’s music constantly defies genre boundaries; blending the edge and energy of rock with the story telling and character of country and pop. Despite the eclectic nature of songs, he ties it all together with his own unique sound as well as his heartfelt and honest lyrics.

Kristian released his debut album “I” in 2015. This release was entirely self produced featuring Kristian on every instrument. Since then, he has been working with local New England artists on various projects. He has cowritten and produced for artists such as Amanda McCarty, Savannah Smith, Becca Levy, and Fordham Road. On August 5th, 2018 Kristian released his second album “Believe,” which like the first album, was produced entirely by himself. Believe makes a major departure from his progressive/symphonic rock beginnings, debuting a more pop/country sound.

In 2018, Kristian received his degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from the Berklee College of Music.

Kristian has been an active live performer since 2015. He currently plays regularly throughout the New England area as the frontman of Fordham Road, Amanda McCarthy’s bassist and as a solo act. For his solo gigs, Kristian takes the stage with only his acoustic guitar, microphones, and loop station; layering sounds to create seamless song arrangements on the spot without the help backing tracks or a band.