Everyone has a story to tell, and as a songwriter, Kristian is compelled to write and share his truth. His heartfelt lyrics provide the foreground to a sound that while sonically country, incorporates an eclectic mix of pop, rock, folk, and R&B among others. He’s not afraid to boldly push limits musically and lyrically where he feels necessary, to fully express his story.

Born and raised in Binghamton, New York, Kristian has been playing and writing music since the age of eight. After Moving to Boston in 2014 to attended the Berklee College of Music, He released his debut album “I;” a progressive rock concept album. While studying Contemporary Writing and Production, he explored different opportunities across several genres; he formed the progressive rock band “Fordham Road,” and joined Amanda McCarthy’s backing band on bass and keyboards.

Eventually, he began to be drawn to the sounds of pop, country, and americana, slowly developing his own unique “Pop-Country” sound. His second album “Believe” marked the debut of his new sound and direction.

As a producer, Kristian as produced songs, EPs, and Albums for artists such as Becca Levy, Savannah Smith, and Amanda McCarthy. He is currently working with Amanda on her upcoming album “Road Trip.”