Irrational Fears

Irrational fears
Always bring me to tears
They fill up the night with it’s dark
The monster under your bed
Is just the monster in your head
But why did he give me anxiety?

Roads of madness lie in my way
And they know no reason but they’re all here to stay
Irrational fears have me locked in a cage
It doesn’t make any sense to be afraid

So show me a course
That will rid of this force
Why is the wall so high?
There’s one path I know
You don’t need to alone
Stand up and face your fears

Irrational fears
Carry on through the years
Isn’t it time to move on
We all feel them to
They are nothing, not new
They’re only the nature of human beings

Long long ago when the first men were born
They lived on instinct and intuition alone
Today we retain what our ancestors gave
The fears from the past are ingrained

Climb to the top
Though the challenge never stops
Carry the torch to the end
Above all we’re sure
we will always endure
Hang on and face your fears

I think I finally see light at the end
It’s growing closer with each passing day
It seems I’m finally starting to live my own life
I’m far away and no longer controlled by my fears


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© Kristian Veech 2015