Fordham Road – Fordham Road

Fordham Road Album Art

Released on November 20th, 2017





1: Andrew [5:48]

2: New Love in New Places [3:24]

3: Midnight Skyways [2:52]

4: Eye to I [3:32]

5: Take One [2:47]

6: The Universal Dream [2:36]

7: Goodnight 617 [2:22]

8: Moe’s Loganberry Stash [9:56]

9: Tom’s Basement Jam [7:05]

10: On the Road [7:30]

11: Same Love in Different Places [5:05]



Fordham Road is:

Kristian Veech- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Engineering & Production
Mark McCarthy- Guitar, Trombone
Joe Everett- Bass
Tom Shubsda- Drums

Other Musicians on the album include:

Gianluca Farina- Trumpet on “New Love in New Places” and “Moe’s Loganberry Stash”
Mackenzie Oprean- French Horn on “New Love in New Places”
Alexander “Fluppy” Yen- Tenor Sax on “New Love in New Places”
Paul Meland- Alto Sax on “Moe’s Loganberry Stash”
Ethan Wojick- Rap Vocals and Trombone Solo on “Moe’s Loganberry Stash”
Moe Michnick- Guitar Solo on “Moe’s Loganberry Stash”
Kyler Holt, Amanda McCarthy, Leah Morrow, Justin Arena- Various Sounds on “Moe’s Loganberry Stash”
Chris Dorsey- Trumpet on “Tom’s Basement Jam”
Sam Smith- Bass on “Tom’s Basement Jam”
Devina Boughton- Trumpet on “Same Love in Different Places”
Tristan Mitchell- Alto Sax on “Same Love in Different Places”

Special Thanks to our assistant engineers: Caleb Stein, Joe Rasbold, Napat Khaopaisarn,”Oxy” Xian You Ong

Album Artwork: Nessa Godinez

Other Thank Yous go out to: Kevin Ray, Andy Kiniry, Sound Bandits, Chris Cyrus, Justin Fogarty, Snide Molly, Molly Geraghty, Owen Korzec, Nick Piato, Adam Jeffry, Jamichael Frasier, Garrett Edson, Lee Dockery, Robert McCarthy, Out of the Blue Art Gallery, The Justin Arena Project, Robinwood, Five by Two Records, The Raven, Company One, Tenfold Path, Astro Collective, Slack Tide, The Shubsda Family, The Veech Family, The McCarthy Family, The Everett Family


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