believe distrokid

Released on August 5th, 2018







Track Listing:

  1. Car Rides
  2. Ship Names
  3. The Best of Us
  4. Superman
  5. Give Me Your Love
  6. Misery Man
  7. Tears are Falling
  8. Picture Frame
  9. Homesick
  10. Lost in Your world
  11. Believe

Featured Singles:

  1. Believe
  2. Picture Frame
“The past few years of my life have been filled with unprecedented and intense amounts of musical and personal change, which to me is the very core of this album. Words alone cannot convey how excited I am to finally share these songs with y’all after writing and recording this project for nearly two years. So I’ll let the music speak for itself.
Thank you for listening”- Kristian Veech (2018)

Thank you’s:

Gregg & Mayell Veech, Zoe Veech, Alex Veech, Alyssa & Peter Veech, Christin and Robert Veech,Rondi Casey, Marina & Teotimo Osorio, Yelba Zoe, Denise Caballero, Jim & Kim Goryeb, Casey Goreyb, Mike Goryeb, Sammy Jo, Mark & Lee Ann McCarthy, Stan & Amy Shubsda, Molly Shubsda, Peyton Shubsda, Adam Shubsda, Mark McCarthy, Andy Kiniry, Victoria Ano, Caleb Stein, Joe Rasbold, Garret Edson, Savannah Smith, Sidney Madlock, Jess Archer, Caludia Coprio, Patric Crean, Tim Shank, Steffi Jeraldo, Jessica Lacoy, Chris Dorsey, Chris Cyrus, Andy Sepe,
Sam Robbins, Ty Openshaw, Brad Bosse, John Short, Alexandru Sandoiu, Justin Arena, Snide Molly, Molly Geraty, Joe Folan, Julian Levine, Ian Garland, Angus Garland, Derek  more

All songs written by Kristian Veech,
with the exception of “Believe” which
was co-written with Tom Shubsda


Kristian Veech – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards and Synthesizers, Auxiliary Percussion, Drum Programing, Mixing, Production, and Mastering

Tom Shubsda – Drums

Joe Everett – Electric Bass Guitar on “Superman”

Amanda McCarthy – Cover Artwork and Tambourine on “Superman”

Phototography by Stephanie McKendrick